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Moles Removal

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Moles Removal

We all enjoy sunshine and sunlight is our main source of vitamin D which is vital for a good health. However, excessive exposure to sunlight over the years can damage the skin. This can result in prematurely aged or wrinkled skin and of course, a variety of skin cancers.

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Full Mole Check

Full mole checks are not generally available on the NHS, although your GP will always look at any mole that concerns you. At Breath of Life Clinic, we now offer a full mole check service undertaken by Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner, Mara Hansom. Fully qualified in Q switching Yag Laser Treatment, she will make a full assessment of your moles using dermatoscopy.

Removal of Moles

If any cancerous or pre-cancerous moles are detected, you will be given full information to take to your GP who can arrange treatment on the NHS, or alternatively, you may choose to have treatment at Breath of Life Clinic on a private basis.

If a mole is not suspicious but you would like to have it removed anyway this can be arranged for you and a full quotation for the treatment and appointment can be made at the time of the mole check. The removal of benign moles for cosmetic reasons is not currently funded on the NHS. The cost of a mole check will be FREE if you go ahead for Q Switching Yag Laser Treatment on Breath of Life Clinic.

Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner, Mara Hansom would be happy to receive a photograph by email or you can visit our contact page where you can upload your photo if you would like an initial opinion on an individual lesion.

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