Be happy and feel beautiful in your own skin.

Using the latest and greatest technology, it is now possible to get amazing results without painful injections and dangerous operations. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), a remarkable breakthrough in aesthetic treatment’s technology. This procedure offers the best results in terms of an alternative surgical facelift.


What can HIFU facelift do for you?

  • Removes wrinkles in the forehead, eyelids, and lips
  • Lifts and tighten cheeks
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Improve chin outlines
  • Reduce marionette lines
  • Helps the production of collagen
  • Tighten the forehead skin
  • Uplift the eyebrow lines
  • Overall improves the skin
  • Stimulate the skin cells
  • Stimulate the muscles

Benefits of HIFU facelift

Fast Operation

Full face and neck only takes 40 to 50 minutes.

Flexible Treatment

One treatment achieves instant results.


Non – invasive, no injections, painless, safe and no side effects.

Long Lasting Results

Results can last one to two years.

Completely Non - Invasive

You can put makeup on 15 minutes after the treatment.

HIFU Facelift FAQs

  • Neck (Includes Jawline) Decolletage (Upper Chest) Upper Arms (Bingo Wings) Upper and Lower Abdomen, Inner Thighs and Knees. This treatment also works very well in reducing stretch marks.

  • A consultation is always needed as this will give us a chance to assess your requirements and will help us to understand what results you are looking for so we can find the perfect solution for you. 

  • Each session is dependent on the treatment area, but we advise around 30 minutes per area. Your treatment will be discussed in your pre-treatment consultation and will be tailored to your individual requirements. Additional time will be required if you require more areas. 

  • Some results will be seen immediately post-treatment, with optimum results expected from three to six months. 

  • Individual results will differ, however on average a minimum of one to two years. 

  • The number of sessions depends on the patients’ age and skin condition. One treatment is usually sufficient on light to moderate skin laxity. Client over  50 years we recommend treating the 3 levels of the skin for a better and satisfaction results.

  • Anyone with drooping skin, or considering a face-lift but isn’t ready for surgery is a good candidate. All Skin types and tones can be treated. 

This procedure is the next best thing to an actual facelift, without a knife or needle in sight. Instantly look between 4 – 8 years younger with just one treatment. Clinical studies carried out so far have reported effects lasting up to 18 months to 2 years plus. 

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